Will Your Child Sleep or Scream?

Flying with Kids Can Seem Scary

When it’s your first time flying with a baby, a toddler or your kids, it’s easy to get anxiety thinking about all the things you need to prepare.  What should you bring? What’s best left at home?  How much food will you need?  The list goes on and on.  Flying with Kids is scary, but don’t worry because we’re here to help.

Long Flights, No Escape

When it’s a full flight, and your kid acts up what can you do?

There’s no shortage of advice out there, but how can you know what to try and what will work?  At Flying with Kids we’ve pulled in all of the best tips and tricks to help you manage your trip and we give you the tools to help sooth your kids.


Step 1; Be Prepared

Get ready for the trip before you go

The key to a successful flight is preparation and knowledge.  You won’t need to spend weeks worrying about you trip, when you have the tools and expertise to fly with your kids.  Our “Pre-flight” checklist gives you the best and most actionable advice you need to reduce your stress.

  • Our first flight with our new baby was a nightmare.  It was one of those flights where everything that could go wrong, went wrong and nothing we tried helped. - James