Advice from the Skies: A Flight Attendant Answers Your Questions

Advice from the Skies: A Flight Attendant Answers Your Questions

To bring you a few handy pro tips on flying with your kids…

we went right to the source on Twitter and asked flight attendants for their best advice and recommendations, since they see families traveling with small children every single day. Here’s what awesome and amazing flight attendant @mrstiffanyanne had to say:

What is the most memorable (good or bad) experience you’ve ever had or witnessed with a small child on a flight?

[Answer] new mother made little gift bags with snacks & earplugs with an “I’m sorry if my baby cries, it’s our first flight together” note inside for the seats around hers.  It was thoughtful.

 Trill_Tiff1 (1)

Do you have children of your own, and if so, do you fly with them regularly?

[Answer] My children have four legs and fur, LOL.


If you had to advise a parent to bring only three things on a flight for their child, what would they be?

[Answer] Snacks, drinks and toys/books.  Something to keep them occupied!!


Are any particular flight times better or worse for young travelers, from what you’ve seen?

[Answer] Very early morning and very late and/or red eye flights seem to be worse for children


Be sure to keep these tips in mind when booking your next family getaway, and follow @mrstiffanyanne on twitter for more tips and advice!


Flying with babies

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