Flying with an infant? Here’s 5 ways to prepare

Flying with an infant? Here’s 5 ways to prepare

Flying with Your Infant or Baby? Here are 5 Ways to Prepare Ahead of Time

If you’re a new parent, the idea of flying with your infant or baby might be somewhat alarming. Flying with babies doesn’t have to be an overwhelming experience, especially if you know what to expect. Here are 10 tips for stress-free flying with your little one.

1. Call the airline and ask about current TSA restrictions. As of this writing, baby formula, food, medications and breast milk can be carried on board in adequate amounts for the flight. While that’s great news, current regulations are subject to change at a moment’s notice, so it’s best to call for the latest updates before you fly.
2. Bring copies of your baby’s birth certificate in your carry-on. You’ll need to show them to the ticketing agent if your baby is traveling for free.
3. Choose your carry-on items wisely. Airplane space is extremely limited. Unless they’re essential on board, pack bulkier baby items in your checked luggage.
4. Check the baby stroller at the gate. This way, you’ll be able to use it until you board. Most airlines offer this convenient service, and they’ll give you a tag so that you can pick up the stroller immediately after deplaning.
5. Bring the car seat. The FAA strongly recommends that parents secure their babies in a standard child car seat for the duration of the flight. It’s safer than a lap, especially if there’s turbulence.Flying with kids is all in a day’s work for today’s airlines, and you’ll find personnel to assist you if you need extra help. Just do your homework, plan ahead, and you’ll make the whole experience much easier for yourself and your baby.


Flying with babies

When it’s your first time traveling as a family, it’s easy to get anxiety thinking about all the things that could go wrong. With a little knowledge, preparation, and the right tools we know you can get through it with your sanity intact.

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