Flying with kids ? Here’s 5 more tips about how you can prepare.

Flying with kids ? Here’s 5 more tips about how you can prepare.

In our first article we talked about our top 5 tips to prepare before your flight.  Here’s part 2 of the series where we explore our next set of advice.

6. Consider using a strap-on baby carrier. It frees your hands so you can deal with tickets, passports, luggage and security checks, plus it’s a stress-free way to carry your baby through a metal detector.

7. Bring lots of extra food and diapers. Extra food can have a calming influence on baby while extra diapers can be a great comfort to frazzled parents. Also, bring changing pads to protect your little one from unsanitary airline changing boards.

8. Call and let the airline know you’re traveling with an infant. There might be areas on the plane that are specifically designated to accommodate infant car seats, and you have a better chance of scoring one of these seats with planning.

9. Be extra-protective of your baby while boarding the plane. Boarding can be crowded and chaotic, and things can fall out of overhead bins. If you’re traveling with other adults, have them board first with luggage and then clear the way for you.

10. Protect your baby’s ears. Bring a pacifier or bottle for your baby to suck on. The sucking motion can help relieve ear pressure and keep your baby happier during the flight.


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