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Flying With Kids Announces Launch of Innovative new App Which Helps Parents Survive Their First Flight With Their Baby

It is no surprise that most people find the idea of flying with their kids for the first time very scary. Fortunately, there’s now help for parents who find themselves facing this challenge. Flying With Kids is a new app which can be a lifesaver when it comes to helping parents survive their first flight with a child or baby. Users have responded with enthusiasm.

June 4, 2015

There may not be a shortage of information available on how to plan a first trip with a child, but putting together a plan and acting on it can still be a daunting task. A recently launched app Flying With Kids has been developed to help solve this problem. Flying With Kids provides easy access to tips, lists and methods of making a first trip smooth and fun, rather than incredibly stressful. And users agree, that can be the big difference between a great trip and one that seems like a nightmare.

“My wife and I experienced the difficulty of flying with a baby for the first time ourselves and that inspired the creation of our new app,” commented James Denyer, creator of Flying With Kids. “After getting over the trauma, we got hard to work on our app to help spare other families this kind of experience. The end result is something we feel totally passionate about and we feel delivers a huge amount of value.”

According to the company, the Flying With Kids app has a long list of innovative, helpful features. Some highlights include: a Pre-Flight checklist and helpful articles; In-Flight advice; a very helpful Distract option to help keep kids entertained; a Sleep function, that plays soothing music to help put baby to sleep; and an intriguing PANIC mode.

The app is available as a download in the iTunes store.

Feedback from users has been remarkably positive.

Mike from Washington, recently said with a five star rating, “Nicely designed, simple, and easy to use. Great to have everything in one place to get ready for a trip with our little guy. Really liked the rain sounds and lullabies. It’s cute too!”

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