Make it Pretty

Make it Pretty

If your following this series, i’m sharing the process I used to design and create Flying with Kids (on a show-string budget) thanks for coming on the journey with me.

UI/UX/ U What?

All the advice I hear about being successful on the app store, is to make it beautiful.  I can’t stress enough how much design matters, so I knew I needed help in beautifying the interfaces and user experience.  I ultimately lucked out completely by getting a great referral from the Dev I picked, but the advice I’d give to others looking to find help on the cheap is   

Search around until you find examples of the kind of style and design you like, then reach out to these folks.  Most publish their portfolios as a way to get clients.  In my case with a refferl in hand, I sent over examples of designs I liked (from dribble) to Anne along with my amazing powerpoint and we exchanged a couple of emails and settled on a price.  Within a couple of days, she created AMAZING looking wireframes of all the screens with details about what the features would do.

Flying with Kids iPhone App



With my design and image assets created it was time to start development!

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