Pain and suffering turned into an app

Pain and suffering turned into an app

in today’s blog i tell the story of how this whole crazy idea came into being…

It all started with a screaming child

Last spring my wife and I took our first flight with our 9 month old son and had one of those horrible travel days that you only ever see in the movies.  Not only did our flight get canceled, then delayed, then re-routed. We had miss connections and of course they lost our luggage.  Our travel day from hell was amplified because our son would not settle and started screaming for what seemed like hours at a time.

It’s hard to explain, but during this experience I hit new peaks of anxiety, stress and social pressure that I never knew were possible.

The bright spot is it gave me an idea for an app, and I thought I’d share the journey of making and marketing Flying With Kids.


I’m too busy to make an app (plus I don’t know how to code it)

Between a busy job and new son, I have very little free time so I decided to outsource as much as I could. I know web development, but nothing about swift or objective-c so that helped make the decision easy. I gave myself a $1500 budget for the whole project, figuring if the app’s a flop then it will just be a learning experience.

So I set out to design the app and find a willing developer who I could afford.  Over the next several articles I’ll share exactly how I made it happen in the hopes that it might help you create that app you’ve always wanted to make.


Next : Designing the App

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