Top 3 Airplane Learning Activities for Your Kids!

Top 3 Airplane Learning Activities for Your Kids!

It’s very important to plan ahead when traveling with youngsters between the ages of 3 – 5.  These activities not only have little to no prior prepping, but also contribute immensely to your child’s learning and development process. Here are my top 3 favorite and most beneficial learning activities to do on an airplane!

Get Out the Crayons!

Coloring on a regular basis provides a ton of benefits to your kids. If your child loves to color, make sure you take some coloring books and crayons to your flight. Not only will they be entertained with one of their favorite activities; but also, if you didn’t know, here are some benefits that coloring offers.

  • They learn how to grasp.
    • By grasping the crayon, your kid will start to learn how to hold on a pencil and other items that we use for writing.
    • Take advantage of the time on the airplane and pay close attention to how your kid is holding the crayon.
    • Make sure you help them grasp it correctly.
  • Improve eye and hand coordination.
    • With time, your kid will start to focus more on the pictures’ details and this will help improve their concentration and attention span.
  • Practice patience.
    • Kids need to take their time when coloring pages in a book, this practice involves a lot of patience both from the kid and the parent!
  • Relaxing.
    • Coloring is an activity that will keep your kids away from all the modern world electronics exposure.
    • When sitting down coloring a book, you’re kid will be able to relax properly.
  • Planning skills.
    • When coloring, your kid will start to slowly plan ahead the color patterns they wish to use, thus helping them achieve greater planning skills in the future. YAY!

It Only Takes 20 Questions

This activity is particularly great for long travels and airplanes since you don’t have to prepare anything, at all! For those of you who don’t know what the game consists of its pretty simple. You think of an item, in our case, think of something flight related; like an airplane, pilot, cockpit, clouds, luggage, etc. Your kid will ask you 20 questions until they guess the item in your mind. Then do the same but this time you ask the questions. There are lots of learning and development benefits from this simple activity.

  1. Basic Concepts.

Your kid will practice basic concepts such as colors, sizes, forms, etc.

  1. Communication Skills.

Kids will learn how to ask specific questions that will help them narrow and define the answer.

  1. Language.

Your kid’s vocabulary will improve by using new words and synonyms.


Get Creative with Play-Doh

There is nothing more entertaining for kids (and parents) than Play Dough time. This is a fun and easy activity to take with you on a flight. You don’t need much preparation and you and your kids will have a blast. This activity will also benefit your kid’s learning and development process in many ways. Some of the amazing benefits include:

  1. Building Up Strength.
  • When using play dough, kid’s fine motor skills will develop, since they’re using all their tiny little muscles and tendons in their fingers and hands.
  • This will particularly benefit the use of pencils and scissors later on!
  1. Creativity and Imagination.
  • With play dough, kids can express through art and make believe.
  • They also learn symbolic thinking, since they need to imagine that the play dough is something else.

Even if these activities won’t take all of your flight time, they will sure help your kid’s learning and development process. Make sure you engage in these activities with them and take advantage of the time you’ll be sitting right next to them for so many hours to help them improve any skills involved in the activity.

Do you know any other activities that have little to no prep time and are also beneficial to your kid’s learning and development behaviors? Let us know which these are in the comments section below!

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