What Children’s Products Can You Bring on a Plane?

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What Children’s Products Can You Bring on a Plane?

Stay a step ahead of the game and reduce the time spent going through airport security by knowing what is and isn’t allowed on a plane, according to TSA regulations.


What’s Allowed on a flight with an infant:

Liquid medicine, formula, breast milk and juice can be carried on, even if the amounts exceed the 3-oz. legal limit. Just hand your diaper bag over to the TSA agent for the liquids to be checked with a special pH strip that ensures the liquids’ safety without contaminating the liquids themselves.

Baby food in jars (subject to inspection)

Baby toys, teething rings, etc. which do NOT have gel inside

Other liquids (baby lotions, baby shampoo, etc.) are all allowed as long as they fall within the “3-1-1” TSA guidelines, which limit liquids to three 3-oz. containers in one clear 1-qt. Ziploc bag per traveler.

Strollers, infant car seats, and toddler car seats are all permitted, but are subject to inspection. All car seats must meet FAA requirements to be used in-flight, and strollers will need to be gate-checked prior to takeoff.


What’s Not Allowed when flying with babies:

Any teething toys, ice packs or other types of toys that are filled with gel or liquid.

Toy weapons (headlines were recently made over a Despicable Me Minions gun being confiscated from a toddler- better safe than sorry.)

Jello, pudding or yogurt in cups.

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