Writing Code

Writing Code

With our really pretty design in hand, it’s now time to start development.


I had my UX designer convert all the design files into the graphic images my developer would need and since they knew each other they collaborated really well.

As development started I made it a priority to keep communication levels high.  With my guy in the Philippines, that meant staying up late in the evening to catch him on Skype for a chat and update each day. I asked to see screen shots, and asked lots of questions.

One of my almost daily questions was “What scope can I cut to make this feature easier to deliver?” I think this worked out not only for my budget but helping me keep the app simple

About a week into development we had about 80% of the app complete, and I was able to see the application myself via a really cool tool called test flight. It let’s you deploy software to test devices, so I had him begin updating test flight every few days.

At day 8 days we started on bugs, design feedback, polish and fixing some issues we hit. It took almost another 5 days to resolve these issues, including a memory leak and compatibility with older Ios devices and smaller sized screens.

Content is next…

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